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Our Work

The Belgian Spice Association is a non profit association according to the Belgian law.

We provide you with the following services:

  • Monthly updates on EU and Belgian legislation.
  • Quarterly market reports of the several crops.
  • Visit to the Belgian public authorities and the food safety control authorities (AFSCA – FAVV).
  • Management of incidents which may occur and affect our sector and/or companies.
  • Availability to participate in European events such as the ESA General Assembly.

We organise lectures at our biannual meetings in order to explore particular themes of interest affecting our industry.

Our structure is typical for non profit associations. The two main bodies are the

  • General Assembly comprising all members
  • Board which prepares the meetings of the General Assembly. It is elected for 2 years.

Moreover experts in food quality control are invited to join our “Technical committee” which meets on an ad hoc basis.

General co-ordination is in the hands of a Secretary General working on a permanent basis at the official seat of the BSA.